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 Gift for the Christmas eve

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MensagemAssunto: Gift for the Christmas eve   Dom Nov 06, 2011 2:01 pm

Since we have more than ever a big ton of players, this Christmas could be have a big Gift for all of us, players and EA itself.

On the Night of 12/24 at 22pm, the Devs could shut down the servers and make a big huge extra mega hastoploft major Update like 2gb big, that will last until 12/25 - 6am, why?
To give us a big gift;
All cop Edition Cars will get a new Bodykit Vinyl that implement rooftop lights, since all police cars in the world have this, and why not Horns, and for cops the police horn buzzer.
25 brand New cars for SpeedBoost(or whatever off game cash will be renamed) and not versions of the already existed ones.
12 Cars for IGC, again brand new cars and not some altered version of the same.
11 New Tracks for Team Escape
this just to make 12/25/11, see the catch? ^^
(and off course everyone that buy the cars will repay the gift for the EA!!^^)

And for the Happy New Year, to start the year kickin asses, EA could Change the neons, Car plates and Window tints to Cash, and separate the rear Wings from the BodyKits, and put more wheels for IGC, just to start the year with a big motivation for 2012!!![smiles]

AND not trying to abuse, but I humble asking to everyone from the Staff, Dev's and Mod's could at least come here to aswer;

"Yes, thats a great Idea, let work on this idea!!^^"
"Sorry, this not gonna happen."

just to feel that more than players are reading this all, yeah I know that maybe this topic will sink in 1 min deep to page 45 without a single feedback, but anyway, ill giv a shoot, i never lost the hope to see someone that CAN make this all suggestion work, at least come here to say if the idea is good or better work on better ideas, after all we all give the suggestions because we like a lot the game, well...

If you believe you can..... therefore you can!!!
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Gift for the Christmas eve
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